Issue 1 Highlight: Misstallica

Introducing Misstallica, the all female metallica tribute band. We grabbed bass player Teddi Tarnof for a quick chat…

Rebelicious: How did Misstallica begin?

Teddi Tarnof: We started off as Queen Diamond, an all female tribute to King Diamond, and from that got some attention around Philadelphia, PA (our hometown). We were offered a gig opening for this old school Sabbath tribute but were specifically asked to play Metallica songs instead. So in a month’s time we transformed into Metallicunt. But decided to change our name to Misstallica for obvious reasons!

R: Ha-ha. Brilliant! So how long have you guys been together as a band?
T: We’ve been in a band together for 3 years now. Misstallica has been in existence for the last 2.

R: As a bunch of girls playing the infamous songs of such a well respected all male metal band, have you ever had to struggle for respect?
T: We don’t really struggle for respect. But we do get a lot of skeptics that come out to see if we’re just silly girls or if we really do the music justice. I hope we’re convincing. In fact, I know we’re convincing!
We have a good name for our selves in the Philly/New York City area, and in June we’re doing a few dates down south in the States. But this UK tour will be our first international venture, and we’re trying to pick up the pace with getting shows and more importantly, followers, all around the world.

R: Do you generally get women in the audience or a nice mix of sexes?
T: Our audience is actually a good mix of men and women. We get the men who love Metallica and like looking at girls. And we get the women who love Metallica and/or love music and really appreciate that there are female musicians who can do it just as good as the men.

R: What’s your personal favorite song to cover?
T: Hmm…. let’s go with “Disposable Heroes”

R: Do Metallica know about you guys?
T: We’ve heard rumblings the Lars at least is aware of both of our bands, but we haven’t been formerly contacted or anything.

R: Drink of choice?
T: Jack Daniels straight!

R: Good girl. So what do you wear on stage?
T: Our stage attire reflects what Metallica would wear back in the day. Jeans, T-shirts and boots! Simple, nothing fancy.

R: And finally, where do you see Misstallica in five years time?
T: Aside from Misstallica we all have our own original bands and projects that are our primary focuses. But Misstallica I think could have a long fruitful life. And as long as there are people out in the world who love and support what we do, we’ll keep Misstallica going.

Words: Amy Phillips Photo: Sunny Khalsa