Volume: Vier

Meet Vier, a kickass all girl metal band hailing from Brighton. With gigs supporting Glamour of the Kill, Shadows Chasing Ghosts and Sacred Mother Tongue already under their belts, these chicks are definitely on the road to glory.

How did Vier begin? Says guitarist Charley Olsen: “Vier began with a mutual love of heavy music and a craving for something new in the Brighton metal scene. We never intended this to be an all female band but the fact that we are offers something different in the music scene today, especially playing the style of music we do. It is very rare to see an all female rock outfit and we are very much enjoying being the exception to the rule.”

How would you describe your sound? “Ah! Not this question… Ha! I guess we’d have to say riff based melodic metal. We still need a good answer for this so please, anyone out there, feel free to listen and tell us what you think we sound like!”

Are there any downsides to being in an all female metal band? “Well it has its pro’s and con’s really… People are generally more intrigued and will often show more interest in an all female band for that reason. They want to know who we are, what we look and sound like and whether we can offer the same level of standard that other rock/metal bands are in the scene today. This often results in audience members approaching us after our set and saying things like ‘oh… You were actually really good, you can actually play!’ This isn’t always the case of course but there are a select few!”

What is the drink of choice in the Vier camp?
“Anything that’s going! Beer, Cider, Jack Daniels… Emma likes her afternoon G&T’s ha ha!”

What do the band typically wear on stage? “Well we generally stick to our jeans and T-shirt! Ha! However Nicky is much more girly than the rest of us so she usually wears a dress and some quite honestly dangerous looking heels!”

Read the rest of this interview in issue 2 of Rebelicious, and keep up to date with Vier on their Facebook