Shoes are my krypotonite. I’ve been known to visit pairs at the mall (you read that right-visit, like their friends) and have no problem stopping and openly staring…You may think that this means my closet has to be overflowing with footwear. NOPE. I live in the real word (much to my personal dismay some days) so I keep the shoe shopping to a minimum. A girl can dream though…welcome to Shoe-topia.

Enjoy your stay!

Diesel lace up shoes
$140 –

Juicy Couture foldable shoes
$76 –

Supra yellow black shoes
$95 –

Iron fist shoes
$50 –

Wet Seal patent leather heels
$30 –

Two tone shoes

TopShop heel pumps
$92 –

Platform pumps
$130 –

ASOS lace up wedge boots
$117 –

Lace up high heels
$60 –

Steve Madden black bootie
$165 –

Iron Fist high heel shoes
$50 –

Betsey johnson shoes
$140 –

Pleaser retro shoes
$80 –

T.U.K. Shoes
$48 –

T.U.K. Shoes
$125 –
Tiffany M Brown