Porcelain Punk Makeup Tutorial

8 Step tutorial to making punk look more polished.

I love punk shows and the punk rock subculture. It most certainly defines my youth. I still love the music and go to the shows, but I have become such a makeup brat! I look back on pictures and wish I had a tutorial like this ❤

I used to just smear black eyeliner on and go out to the show. There is nothing wrong with that…but if you are a girly girl with a punk rock spirit, this tutorial may help you find your way to the perfect punk rock look.

Step one: grab a light gray shadow, cover your eyelids with the shadow. If you’re not big on gray try a light brown.

Step two: Take a black shadow and lightly blend it into the outer crease of your eye.

Step three: Make two dots with liquid liner. Line your eyes in a straight line, connecting them to the dots.

Step four:
take a black stick eyeliner and line the bottom of your eyes. You can also trace the upper liquid liner for a smokey look.

Step five:

Step 6:
Line your lips with your favorite lip liner.

Step 7:
using the flat part of your eyeliner pencil shade in your lips and blend.

Step 8:
Apply your favorite lip gloss.


Words & Photos: Lily Le Roi