Clothing Ad Banned For Showing Skinny Model

The picture above was the focal point of a discussion on  Twitter last night courtesy of ReeRee Rockette (who runs Rockalily Lipstick). The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned this fashion campaign ad in the UK due to the model looking seriously underweight. To top it off, this campaign was done for the clothing company “Drop Dead” (which I know many people are aware of!)

In an age where many girls are concerned with their weight and may look to fashion shoots as a means of deciding what looks ‘good’, a lot of people on Twitter agreed that the use of this image was a very careless move. Whether they were trying to glamourize being super skinny is anyone’s guess, but it’s clear to see that she just does not look healthy.

What are your thoughts on this photo? Should it have been picked? Should the casting agent have chosen a healthier looking model? Were the ASA right in banning the use of it?

You can read what other people thought on Rockalily’s Twitter page.