Cherri Bomb

Taking the Los Angeles music scene by storm, Cherri Bomb are a four piece rock band who have already had the privilege of touring with huge bands like Smashiing Pumpkins and Filter. With their first UK appearances being at major festivals Sonisphere, Reading/Leeds and Oxygen, it’s definitely onwards and upwards for these chicks!

Tell us a little bit about how Cherri Bomb came to be…
Julia:  Well, I moved from the East Coast to California with my family a few years ago, it was right about then that music was becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life.  I started thinking about putting an all girl band together.  I talked to my dad about it, and he was really supportive of the idea, so we started hanging flyers up in music stores and looking online for girls who had a passion and dedication to match my own.   Most of the responses were kind of funny.  Parents would write or call and say, “Yeah my daughter can play Guitar Hero!”   It took a long time to find the right combination. But after much patience we finally came across Nia, who was great on the drums the first time I saw her play. Then shortly after that, we found Miranda who plays guitar and keyboards.  Last we asked Rena (who originally played guitar) if she wanted to play bass.   Soon enough, we all clicked together and knew that this was something special.

What have been some of the craziest things that have happened to you so far on tour?
Miranda:  The night we opened for the Foo Fighters, we were in catering eating dinner before the show and all of a sudden, Dave Grohl and the guys from the Foo Fighters just came up and sat with us and had dinner. It was surreal.  Just sitting, talking, sharing stories of the road. Best. Dinner. Ever!
Julia:  At Sonisphere, one guy got on top of his friends’ shoulders and decided to flash us with his man-boobs!

It’s not everyday you come across a band that is managed by drummer Samantha Maloney (Hole, Mötley Crüe). How did that partnership come about?
Nia: My mom and Samantha were friends and played music together years ago in New York.  That’s how Sam heard about our band and what we were up to and actually asked us to open for her band The Chelsea Girls.  I think at that point we all just looked at each other thinking, what a better mentor than Sam to show us the ropes.
Julia:  Yeah, Sam’s the best manager you could ever ask for!

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