Exposed: PhotographAmy

Meet Amy Desmarais, up and coming alternative fashion photographer and a self confessed ‘latex magpie!’
What was it that got you into photography?

I think I’ve always been ‘into’ photography… I always had a camera in my hands when I was little. Well, littler! I don’t even make 5ft , haha! But yes… I suppose what got me into fashion photography was seeing all the weird and wonderful high fashion creations. Some of them are so bizarre, they make your imagination run away to a different place. I LOVE that. Escapism can be such a huge part of fashion photography. What got me into alternative fashion photography was Bizarre Magazine and the shiny, shiny latex! Seeing all those hot girls in shiny rubber outfits was fascinating to me! I’m like a latex magpie!
I’ve just always loved creating. And with creative fashion photography, you can create ANYTHING. It’s limitless. The only limit is your imagination.

If you could do a shoot with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
Oh, hell, what a question! I’ve been thinking about this question for a few days now… and there are so many models that I want in front of my camera…  But if I had to choose, just one, it would have to be Nina Kate. I have loved looking at Nina Kate ever since I first saw her, I think she’s SO beautiful! I think she’s so sexy without having to be in-your-face-on-purpose about it. She just IS. So, Nina Kate is my answer!  But because I love too many of these beautiful women, I have to add it would be Nina or Sabina Kelley….. And some hot rockabilly guys and girls… Aaannnd some more people that I have in my “beautiful people” folder. There are so many beautiful creatures on the planet! And I want them ALL in front of my camera.

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