Exposed: Maja Stina

Photos: Julian M Kilsby

If you’re a fan of latex clothing, then you may very well have heard of burning violet, which is run by the lovely Maja Stina. She tells us a bit about what it’s like running her own clothing line, as well as her experiences of modelling.

How did you get involved with modeling and what was your first photoshoot like? I’d first considered modelling when I was 18, but got cold feet before I’d even booked my first shoot because I have some self-harm scars on my arm that I was self-conscious about; I thought that nobody would want to work with me because of it. I plucked up the courage to start modelling in mid-2010 and have been shooting regularly ever since then. My first photo shoot was with a photographer named Steve Cheshire, in Lakenheath. It was a studio shoot and we did some headshots and a few other things – I was very nervous at first, but incredibly happy with the outcome of the shoot and things just took off from there!

As well as modeling, you also run your own latex design company Burning Violet. How did this start up and what is running your own business like?
I started Burning Violet in December 2010 after purchasing a lot of sheet latex to make my own clothes with. I decided to make my own latex clothing because it’s really expensive and a lot cheaper to make myself, so I thought I’d have a go at it. I designed a few outfits and they were successful and so it wasn’t too long before I was able to start selling to others! I love having my own business – my favourite part is getting pictures back from models’ photoshoots because it makes me proud to see them do my outfits real justice. I just sent an outfit to Miss Malice, who featured on your cover in pink liquid latex! She’s a stunning, talented and lovely lady!

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