Gorgeous treats, good enough to eat…

Gingerbread man necklace, part of the Christmas range.

Ran by the gorgeous Maxine Ashleigh, Little Miss Delicious has been gradually growing and expanding since December 2009, even having well known retail chains imitate her own unique designs, albeit extremely badly and just showing there’s nothing like the original, as Little Miss Delicious proves time and time again. LMD treats are all handmade individually with care and attention to detail, you won’t see any mass manufactured cookies or ice lollies here!

The jewellery from Little Miss Delicious all looks yummy, and it should, her ranges include Breakfast food to naughty treats, and all of it is made from polymer clay and hand painted by Maxine from her studio in Newcastle. The most memorable feature is the cute little faces on all the designs, some poor little cuties even have sad faces, but that’s ok, because they’re even more adorable. But Maxine is a lady of many talents and it doesn’t stop at jewels and pretty things for a customer to wear. Little Miss Delicious also makes and sells the cutest little plushies, hand mirrors and hand bows too, each one as tasty as the last!

After the success of the company’s most recent Halloween range, the Christmas range is now available too, and you’d be a fool not to head over to the website and see for yourself. From Penguins to stockings, every piece is a must have and I’m besotted with the gorgeous penguin necklaces (possibly even cuter than a real penguin, and half the hassle to look after!) and the Christmas pudding rings, just enough to tide me over until I can eat as much as I like on Christmas day.

The gorgeous Ruby True by Justine Louise Photography

Since the establishment of the company in 2009, Little Miss Delicious has had some of the most gorgeous and renowned alternative models in the business don her fabulous designs, and they have been featured in many a photo-shoot. Amongst those shooting for the company have been the gorgeous Ulorin Vex, the utterly fabulous Ruby True and tattooed beauty Cervena Fox. The only thing that could make the designs more appealing to the eye is seeing them on such beautiful ladies! Even Maxine herself has modelled her own designs on occasion… See, I told you she was a lady of many talents, not only does she run her own business, she’s also an amazing model and, most importantly, the consumer of the most tea I’ve ever met 😉

Little Miss Delicious isn’t a company just ran online either. Maxine takes her pretties on the road with her too, being a now regular trader at London Edge, trading from several tattoo conventions and kitsch events around the country, you’ll be able to see all designs in person for yourself too. In my opinion this is a clever ruse by Maxine to get everyone in the world wearing Little Miss Delicious, and I assure you once you see any of the LMD designs in person, you will have to own them, there won’t be a doubt in your mind. What would a girl rather have than a cute cookie or an ever-lasting ice lolly around their neck or adorning their hand, right?!

You can next catch Little Miss Delicious and the beautiful Maxine at Clothes Show Live in Birmingham next month!

The lady herself, Maxine Ashleigh by Pirate Photography

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NB: Clothes Show this year runs between 2nd-7th December at Birmingham NEC, tickets available online here: http://www.clothesshowlive.com/tickets

Words: PeggySoo xx