Pick of the Day: Pretty Disturbia

Combining kitsch glamour, burlesque styling, gothic twists and vintage styling into one, Pretty Disturbia is a brand that encompasses and brings new life to the contradictory theme of ‘good girl, bad girl’, and is the Rebelicious Pick of the Day.

Owner Lessa Bertram’s description of “To be disturbing…but oh so pretty” summarises the general styling of Pretty Disturbia perfectly.

With a full range of tops, vests, hoodies, accessories, dresses and more produced using delicate materials like chiffon, netting, and flower prints alongside techniques like dip-dying and slashing, it’s clear to see why this quirky and edgy collection has grabbed the attention of many within the fashion industry.

To check out more of the latest Pretty Disturbia collection, head to the website now: http://www.prettydisturbia.com/


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