Female Fronted: Shay Gerson – Never Like the Movies

The lady behind the lyrics, Shay Gerson shares some of her fashion favourites with Rebelicious Magazine for our first female fronted feature!

Never Like the Movies is a band right out of the heart of Los Angeles. Born by a chance meeting in 2010 between singer Shay Gerson and guitarist Jason Duke. Their debut album “Through the Hourglass” created a solid foundation for the band, and blazed a trail of heartbreak and self discovery. I sat down with Shay and picked at her trademark red headed brain for all her fashion inspiration and designer faves!!

Dear Vanity: What are some of your favorite designers/brands?
Shay: “Tripp, Jeffrey Campbell, Rockstar Sushi”

Dear Vanity Where do you do most of your shopping?
Shay: “Melrose Avenue”

Dear Vanity: Who or what inspires your personal style?
Shay: “Growing up listening to punk and rock music like The Misfits, Dead Kennedy’s, Blink-182 and other similar bands have really influenced my style.”

Dear Vanity: Being the front woman of a band, do you see a correlation between your music and your style?
Shay: “I do have a slight pop element to the way I dress and that definitely works with the type of music we do. I like girly things like hello kitty and bright colours, so I try to incorporate that into my punky style.”

Dear Vanity: What do you like to wear when you’re not on stage?
Shay: “I usually wear the same things as I do on stage but tone it down a little bit. I’ll wear converse or vans instead of heels and I’ll wear lighter make up during the day.”

Dear Vanity: Tell us about one of your latest fashion tragedies!
Shay: “I love my Jeffrey Campbell spiked lita shoes, but I feel like I can’t ever wear them out anymore because I always see 10 other girls wearing them! Haha time to get new ones!”

Never Like The Movies

Closing Arguments:
“If you couldn’t already tell, my favorite colour is red. So I always wear red lips or a red bandanna to match my hair. Also you can check out my band at www.reverbnation.com/neverlikethemovies or www.facebook.com/neverlikethemovies.

Also we have an all ages show on June 27th At the whisky in Hollywood!”

Words: Tera Aralyn aka Dear Vanity

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