EXPOSED: SweetPea & Fay Cosmetics

Company Name:SweetPea & Fay Cosmetics
Location:Rochester, NY, USA

What is your company all about?
Our line is girly, quirky yet edgy, we love pushing the limits of what is typically pretty and bringing to the table a different view on traditional makeup. We have a wide range of colours from vintage pink to electric blue liquid lipstick. Our cosmetics are handcrafted, it gives them an artisan quality which is rare in the cosmetics industry. While also keeping our entire line cruelty free. Special care is taken when creating them with extreme attention to ingredients and style.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
We draw inspiration from high fashion photoshoots, editorals and runway fashion.

Are there any pieces you’ve made that stand out as personal favourites?
Our favourite product is by far our liquid lipsticks. They have also been favourites of our customers, because of the wide colour range.

Tell us a bit about any new items/ranges you’re currently working on or have recently released?
We recently released our liquid lipsticks toward the beginning of the year. They have become instant fan favourites. Our liquid lipsticks have a very unique formula. The super opaque color glides on rich and creamy which can be built up like a lipgloss or blotted for a lipstick look. Our collection is perfect for those who love the look a traditional lipstick provides but are not keen on traditional lipstick. Our liquid lipsticks come in fun squeeze tubes for ease of use with a fun youthful design.

How do you make sure that your ideas and designs stay fresh and appealing to your fan base?
Our customers come to us because they are looking for something not found in everyday makeup companies. We strive to provide unique products and formulations for those who are looking for something different.

If you could create a custom item for anyone in the world, who would you pick and why?
If we could create something custom, it would be a special product or makeup look for an Alexander Mcqueen runway show. He has been a big inspiration of ours in creating a lot of our shades. His items are so innovative and ground breaking. His legacy lives on through his brand and fashion. S/S 2012 was one of our favorite collections, and it would have been a dream to do the runway makeup.

What does the future hold for you and your brand?
In the future our plan is to continue to provide unique products as well as expanding our brand with new innovative ideas.

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