Exposed: Lucy Cates

I don’t think there is ever a stage where you can give up trying to exceed yourself, and say “that’s it, I know it all”…

Photographer: Scott D’Arcy

What inspired you to take up modelling? 
I was scouted by a local tattoo photographer and that was where it really took off from. I had been really interested in modelling and it was definitely something I wanted to do, but it’s normally when life gets in the way and time goes by, so glad of this break gap opportunity I would say.

What are your favourite styles/themes to shoot?
I started doing more tattoo/alternative edgy stuff, but now my main focus is in fashion, hair and beauty. I love all of these, and I think the best part is the great teams that you get to work with along the way, working with very talented creative individuals, so for that reason fashion I love. In a nutshell moody, androgynous and powerful imagery is brilliant, I’ve yet to do any statement political shoot, but that’s one of my many aims, but it has to be with the right team, and for the right cause/exposure.

How would you describe your own personal style? Ballsy and strong, yet at the same time receptive of learning new things always. I don’t think there is ever a stage where you can give up trying to exceed yourself, and say “that’s it, I know it all”. I’m motivated and very professional and precise in my outlook, things have to be of a very high standard. Also, easygoing and balanced so if you work with me, we are probably going to get along, I’m not a diva.

Photographer: Andrej Vasilenko

Are there any makeup/beauty products that you can’t live without? Not really, I like and sometimes prefer for myself to be just natural, but on set eyelashes, and wigs are definitely my thing. Modelling is my stage to enhance my beauty.

What makes you different to all the other models in the industry today?
That’s a hard question, as we are all the same taste with small differences, you can be inspired by so many things, so I cannot say that I am totally unique with that, but with who I am, and what I represent I would say I definitely am different. My attitude, and integrity with what I believe shines through I would like to believe. As I’m sure there are loads of driven, successful and motivated career women who have formed as I have.

Are there any designers/photographers/other models that you would love to collaborate with one day?
Loads the list is endless, some are really up there with the top designers, Vivienne Westwood – As I love her political attitude and strength. Top photographers like John Farrar, Richard Miles, Alvarado, Andrea Klarin, Raya, Catherine Day, David Anthony, and Tim Walker.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?
I’d hope to be working or have worked with some of the people above. Working fashion shows, catwalks, runways, and to have branched out from the UK. I totally fanatically love my job, so to work work work would be my ideal goal. The most extreme, exciting and manic life is what I want, and to get to the point where I have a brilliant creative team working with me and to have met some amazing people along the way.