Kickstarter: Hanging By A Thread

““Hanging by a thread” is an idiom, a figure of speech that became so seemingly synonymous to a semi-recent phase in my life. I began questioning and analyzing, looking beyond the interior of my world, outside of my imagination and reflecting upon the realities that an artist must face from time to time.” – Jessica Rowell

Lacking the possibilities and benefits that a storefront offers in a traditional sense, founder Jessica Rowell of online design and styling company J-Chan’s Designs has taken the initiative to create a change in her art by campaigning via kickstarter. The funds raised will not only help open up the first ever J-Chan’s Designs boutique, but it will also help bring a new perspective to fashion in Denver, Colorado as well as benefit the progression of an urban development area. Please help support her efforts by donating today! By pledging you will receive one-of-a-kind rewards exclusive to kickstarter including a wallpaper download, buttons, bumper stickers, signed prints and more!

For more information on her campaign and to help support Jessica head to