Louboutins and Zanotti In The Morning!

Back in February,Elvis Duran from the Z!00 morning show generously decided to buy each Morning show lady a pair of shoes. Not just any plain pair of shoes. Expensive and high fashion shoes. The only rule was they had to be under $1,000 dollars. I’ve never spent that much on shoes. I think with this economy it is a little crazy for anyone to buy a pair of shoes that cost the same as a plane ticket to another country or help out people in need. Regardless I was intrigued.

Elvis gave away the shoes to lucky callers that morning. I called for about an hour until I had to leave for work. sadly I didn’t win an expensive pair of Louboutins. However I did find discounted shoes :)

Danielle’s Bianca shoes from Louboutin were $845.00

I found a discounted version of Danielle’s pick

Carolina’s Giuseppe Zanotti Bow Strap Sandals were $895.00

I found a site with similar shoes for less :)

I remember the next day, a single mother called talking about how she never buys anything for herself. She spends all her money on her kids. She said listening to the morning show talk about taking care of yourself and dressing up to make yourself feel better really inspired her. She finally went out and bought herself some nice high heels and got a manicure. It is nice to treat yourself once in a while. It’s even better when you don’t have to break the bank. :)

Words: Carolyn Rossiter