Bright and Bold: Why I love looking different

I used to look decidedly average. Blonde highlights to match my wardrobe of blues, blacks and greens. I never wore lipstick; tried desperately to fit in and not stand out. For whatever reason, one day I attempted to cut in Bettie Bangs (badly but attempted nonetheless), and bought myself a high waisted skirt. Slowly but surely my life changed forever…

Over the years, my hair has been almost every colour, I now love bandanas and hats, and wear an eclectically colour wardrobe full of dresses. My skin has been permanently decorated with tattoos, and I really don’t care what people think of me anymore. I’m happy breaking all the fashion ‘rules’ that used to dominate my clothing choices. I just don’t care whether my socks show over my trainers, or whether my trousers are the ‘right’ length, or whether my rucksack is on one or two shoulder straps.

Now that I tend to stand out of the crowd, my experience of the public is a little different. Old ladies tell me how much they like me in a vintage dress, and shop assistants say that I have brightened their day. I may get a few odd side glances, but on the whole people smile more. I love that I interact more with strangers, my appearance gives people a reason to talk to me. Londoners aren’t as stone-faced as they may first appear!
Whether my style choices confuse, impress or disgust people, at least it makes life more interesting than not being noticed at all!

Words: ReeRee Rockette


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  1. I love this! I was exactly the same. Growing up I was always “too tall and too skinny” and got bullied a lot resulting in me crashing out of school spectacularly at 15. I’ve slowly rebuilt my confidence and now I love being so tall and naturally slim as it makes me stand out even more! I love to wear individual and vintage pieces, standout haircuts and colours (I’m still growing out where I decided to shave half my hair off to a grade 1 on a whim!) and best of all tattoos and piercings!! People approach me in the street too to talk about my tattoos and I love catching people staring. I think the key to confidence is most certainly standing out. I know I wouldn’t be about to enter my final year of university without it!

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