Rebelicious Issue 8 Teaser!


24th August will finally bring the release of issue 8 for your viewing pleasure! Take a look to see some of the people we’ve got featured this time round…

Amie Conradine graces our cover feature in an incredibly awesome clown inspired shoot! We find out from her all about her love of punk music, the real reason why she’s clown obsessed, and what she really thinks of the modelling industry! There are also interviews with Maxine Ashleigh, Santa Macabre Jewellery, Unlovable Lingerie, illustrator Olivia Rose, Biomechanina and circus act Chivaree.

Elsewhere we’ve also got comedian Marc Burrows back for another Boy Meets World segment, we get the lowdown on what happened during Club AntiChrist’s 8th Birthday Bash, we catch up with Don Broco, Bury All Rivals and Sanguine in our Volume section, plus a whole lot more that we’ll reveal next week!

Stayed tuned here and on our Facebook page for the official release!