Female Fronted: Emily Lazar – September Mourning

September Mourning is a trans-media project created by artist Emily Lazar and comic book mogul, Marc Silvestri. The project, based around a fictional character named September, uses all forms of modern media to create it’s own universe. Building on creative and business principles pioneered by legendary rockers David Bowie and Kiss, September Mourning is poised to be this generations icon for not only rock music but for the comic world as well.

Dear Vanity: What are some of your favourite designers/brands?
Emily Lazar: I love Galliano and Dior, Dolce and Gabanna, Vivienne Westwood… I love a bit of romanticism mixed with modernism and theatricality in what I wear.

Where do you do most of your shopping?
I go everywhere from Thrift stores to High End places … I mix and match. I have a very layered personality…textural. I like that to be displayed in my wardrobe.

Who or what inspires your personal style?
I am influenced by punk, goth and rock in general. I am very theatrical… even in the way I dress everyday. All of the world is a stage to me.

Being the front woman of a band, do you see a correlation between your music and your style?
Of course… my music reflects the different facets of who I am inside. My style does the same… I don’t like to say I make art, I like to say I am art.

What do you like to wear when you’re not on stage?
I have a thing for ripped up tights and black bloomers with Jeffrey Campbells, little gloves and my rings. I’m kinda obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell shoes right now.

Tell us about one of your latest fashion tragedies!
Not really a tragedy as me being a klutz, but recently I was walking down the street in a pair of beautiful 6 inch black stilettos and my heel got caught in a grate and broke off and I tumbled. I’m going to have a funeral for those shoes… I loved them so much. Haha!

Any other information you feel our readers and your fans would love to know about you?
I’m very much into gaming and comic books… I love anime too. Death Note is one of my favourites. I could survive on animal crackers and water my entire life if only it had some nutritional value…. And I feel very lucky to be doing what I do for a living. I’m blessed to have fans like all of you, and have so much love for you all. I hope the story of September Mourning reaches each one of you and touches your hearts and brings you strength in your own lives. This is your universe we are creating… and without you, we are nothing.


Words: Tera Aralyn aka Dear Vanity (https://twitter.com/TeraAralyn)