Song Of The Day: Don Broco – Priorities

“Real home-grown talent has gradually been infiltrating the masses, and it seems that another name is ready to step up to the ranks of their British rock contemporaries. Courtesy of relentless touring and their ever-growing fanbase, Don Broco have been teetering on the brink of much greater things for quite some time now, yet the wait for their descent into real recognition seems over. The secret weapon? Their new album ‘Priorities’.”

Check out an excerpt from Don Broco’s interview in the new issue of Rebelicious below!

To the finer details of this album: what does it deal with lyrically? “It’s a whole range of stuff, really,” explains Rob [Damiani, vocals]. “I don’t like writing about one particular thing because I get quite bored. When I write lyrics, literally anything that I find interesting is included, whether it’s looking at how people react around each other or things that have gone on in my mates’ lives.

“For one of the songs, I was on a night out; I saw some guys chatting up some girls and some of the lines they were coming out with were just ridiculous! I remember writing it down in my phone and saving it in my draft messages and piecing a song together afterwards about how ridiculous it was. There’s other ones that are a bit more personal, some about how I was feeling at a particular time about being in a band and grafting away. Literally anything I could think of, I crammed in.”

“I think [the title track] ‘Priorities’ a really good starting point,” he says, referring to the album’s overall sound. “In that song, it’s definitely got everything we’re about. It’s got the big, heavy guitar hooks – we just love our big riffs. It starts off with a bang, but it’s also got the melodic side to us; obviously the chorus is just all about melody. I would say, delving deeper into the album, there is a lot more to us. We’ve gone for some softer tracks here and there, we’ve gone for some different arrangements on some of the tracks. It’s definitely a varied album.”

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Words: Heather McDaid