ALBUM REVIEW: iamamiwhoami – Kin

Every creation has a creator and it doesn’t necessarily have to be human.

Kin is Jonna Lee’s baby. iamamiwhoami is a Swedish multimedia project working actively since 2009. They’re one of the best examples of how musicians and arts in general can use the internet and all of its potential to develop and evolve creative work. They simply can’t be detached from online. The project has grown together with the internet, so we could say iamamiwhoami has another mom, besides Johnna.

Their YouTube channel is as important as Kin. Here you’ll have a perfect preview of what you’ll find in the record. To be honest I wasn’t surprised by the quality of the álbum. Great lyrics, vocals perfectly layered and a very stylish electronica tailored for dreaming ears. The truth is that these guys don’t have too much to prove. If they still don’t have a big audience it must be because it’s not exactly what they’re eager for.

For now their tour is scheduled until the end of October. Be on the watch! If they’re around, they probably won’t do much noise, but if you can make it then go to a live show, they’ll make you deaf of emotions.

I’m a very “Good Worker” and my time is running out so I leave you to “Play” with all the “Goods”.


Words: Augusta e Araújo