Club AntiChrist’s Medical Themed ‘Not New Years Eve’ Party

Club AntiChrist has launched a few daring ideas in its 8 years, and one of its hands-down winners must be last December’s ‘Not New Year’s Eve’ party. Held a couple nights ahead of Hootenanny, the event not only silenced doubters – who thought clubland couldn’t be tempted to break with tradition and have its last blow-out before December 31st – but did so in spectacular style, as for the first time AntiChrist presented a grand 10 zones – and still claimed a capacity crowd!

The pioneering party served to ring in one phenomenal year for AC, during which each and every planned date has been extended to 10 zones and sold out.  There seems no better way to celebrate the success as 2012 now draws to a close than with another ‘Not New Year’s Eve’ party this December 28th.

Once again, the idea is to give year-round hedonists a last chance to party away from the crowds, costs and alcohol casualties associated with venturing outside on December’s annual amateurs night. This time however, there’s a twist; AC is inviting avowed decadents and deviants to swap that nasty post-New Year’s night bus ride with the A&E-bound for a trip into its own twisted hospital on the 28th, as it presents a massive medical-themed party!


The (operating) THEATRE OF SINS will feature the likes of Surgyn, Method Cell, Grindshow Massacre, Marnie Scarlet (crazy lady of fetish cabaret, clad in straitjacket and restraints of her own stunning design), Satan’s Strip Show (residents at the AC asylum, presenting striptease equal parts sick ‘n’ sexy), Mistress Olivia’s ‘Medical Vomitorium’ show, Sarge, Mad Alan and Friends!

Amongst the other floors you’ll also be able to delve into the PUREFUCKINGINDUSTRIAL ward, THE HELLFIRE ROOM, THE HOLE, THE COUPLE’S DARKROOM, THE DEVIL’S PLAYROOM, THE CHILLOUT ROOM, plus Thai food, free tea and coffee will be served by AC’s saucy maid service after 3am!

Not New Year’s Eve will be held at Club Colosseum Friday 28th December starting at 8pm. Tickets are available from £19 at