Jonny Cola & The A-Grades Release First Video From New Double A-Side Single ‘Straight To Video / Marlborough Road’

Gritty London glam-pop quintet Jonny Cola & The A-Grades posted the first of two promo videos for new double a-side single ‘Straight To Video / Marlborough Road’ earlier this week. The ‘Marlborough Road’ video can be viewed above. Its partner ‘Straight To Video’ will follow on April 4th, when the single is released as an orange vinyl 7″ via Scratchy Records, pre-orders are now being taken at

Each video vividly illustrates a different side to The A-Grades multi-faceted sound, and together they add an extra dimension to the single, allowing it to fully showcase the band’s blend of glam-punk visual style and smart substance. The more punchy and immediate track of the pair, ‘Marlborough Road’ returns to the London streets that have often provided a muse to The A-Grades. Although very different in tone, it dovetails fully with the much darker, Japanese horror-inspired ‘Straight To Video’ clip that’s still to come, creating a continuous loop when the two are viewed back-to-back.

Be sure to check out our interview with Jonny himself and his partner Heidi Heelz in our next issue out in April, where they’ll be giving us an in-depth look at their experiences since Jonny’s life-saving kidney transplant and what the future holds for them!