Love For the Bizarre: Alice Bizarre

Rebelicious Magazine Issue 11 - Alice Bizarre

Model/MUA: Alice Bizarre | Photography: Toria Brightside
Interviewer: Victoria Elizabeth | Digital Artist (blue images): Miz Lulu Designs

This month’s cover girl spotlight lands on unique makeup artist Alice Bizarre. Alice has established quite a presence in the special effects and alternative scene as a result of her avant-garde take on all genres of make-up. With passions for gore, horror and the possibilities of transformation, Alice transfers her creativity onto her own face, and those of her models, as though onto a canvas. We talk to Alice about how it all began, her most extreme projects, and her love for the bizarre.

So Alice, how did you first get involved with the style of work that you’re doing now? When you go online and you try to find things out from your friends about doing make-up and photo shoots, you start getting your portfolio together with as many people as you can. You just find photographers in the area and end up clicking with the ones that happen to be into the same stuff as you are. And from there you learn more about it. From that, I said I wanted to do alternative and horror because it’s more fun.

What attracts you to the bizarre?
I think the bizarre is more interesting. Fashion models are a dime a dozen, you see them all the time. Whereas someone who is a bit bizarre, unique, or someone who has more character to their face is more interesting to work with. I like to see how you can push to change that when it’s already so different.

You have created some looks inspired by David Bowie and Guy Fawkes. What is it that draws you to these characters?
I’m obsessed with masks, so for instance Guy Fawkes as depicted in V for Vendetta is just so fit. I don’t even mean Hugo Weaving, but Guy Fawkes. And I like David Bowie because I grew up with Labyrinth; he’s beautiful in that film. He’s just so colourful and I’ve always been drawn to glam rock. It’s one of my lesser-known musical tastes, but I love how glittery and colourful it all was. I think that David Bowie himself has this underlying philosophy that not many people see, that comes out through his make-up and style. I also think make-up and masks are interlinked because masks hide who you are, and with make-up you can be whoever you want. I find this fascinating.

Apart from those two characters, do you have any style icons?
My favourite singer is a woman called Amanda Palmer and she has drawn on eyebrows. When I first heard of her she was in a band called the Dresden Dolls; they used to dress up as mimes on stage and wear striped stockings. I instantly loved her. But in terms of characters, I like a lot of post-apocalyptic styles and bits and bobs from different eras. I like Venetian carnival masks, I like the circus… I like hardcore metal bands and the French. I don’t know if I have any style icons really, my inspiration comes from all over the world.

Would you say that your inspiration transcends time as well?
Yes definitely. I used to be into Victorian-style corsets and things, but now I also like 1940s Berlin war-era dark greens and greys with ruffed up clothing. I like post-apocalyptic ash colors because it’s badass, but you can make it feminine.

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