La Mort Clothing

Rebelicious Magazine Issue 118

Photographer: Unusual BOKE
Models: Telly Lale and Clod The Ripper
Clothing: La Mort Clothing

How did La Mort Clothing come to fruition and what inspired the name?
Faye Winslade: David [Underwood] and I met at Wimbledon School of Art in 2005 and have been friends ever since. His passion for poster art of the 1960s, and my fascination with all things macabre led to an artistic partnership between us that was helped by our shared love of printmaking and drawing. It was very organic, and just seemed to come together. Originally we had hoped to run a printmaking studio and create posters, and after a long night in the pub, we decided to work under the name ‘The Mourning Press’. Following two successful group exhibitions, we started to print small runs of T-shirts to compliment our work on paper, and in summer 2011 we created La Mort Clothing as our brand. Soon afterwards we began trading at Camden Lock Market and we then opened our online store. The English translation for La Mort is Death and, in the context we use it, it means Death personified, as on the tarot card.

Where do you draw your inspiration from for each design? Are there any illustrators that influence your particular drawing style? We read a lot, and when it comes to inspiration it is often one particular sentence or phrase that conjures up a new idea. We are very much influenced by artists of the 19th century, including William Morris, Aubrey Beardsley and those of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. These artists had a powerful understanding of symbolism, symmetry and pattern. One of our more contemporary influences is Tara McPherson. She really has a style like no other and her band posters are truly iconic.

With every design having been drawn by hand, what have been the most challenging pieces you’ve worked on? To be honest, the most challenging pieces are the ones on which David and I disagree on elements of a concept or composition. It can be hard working in such close partnership, as there has to be some degree of compromise. With every piece we do, we have found ourselves becoming more in tune with each other and we now manage to combine our best ideas and work to our individual strengths. We still argue sometimes!

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