Ferox Clothing

Rebelicious Issue 128

Hoods: Ferox Clothing
Photography: Gecko Studios
Models: Roks-Ann Roschana and Captin’Maximus Ron
MUA: Amy Biddulph
Necklace: Velvet Volcano
Wig: Geisha Wigs
Cream eye-patch: Curiology Online

Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what inspired you to start up Ferox?

I am a 23 year old animal print obsessive who you can usually find designing and sewing just as hard as I party at weekends and festivals! Although I don’t do it completely alone, my beautiful model friend Roks-Ann Roschana basically acts as my P.A, keeping me in the fashion loop as I tend to live in my own little bubble. I studied in my home county of Cornwall and finished college with a Music Practice ND, but after a while I began to feel drawn towards the feel of living in the city and decided to leave Cornwall to pursue bigger things in Brighton. After a year or so, I felt I needed to channel my energy somewhere and stumbled across my old as hell sewing machine and decided to start creating and see where it could take me. After making a couple of little bits and pieces, I was real surprised when friends and family saw these and actually wanted more pieces made by me! So really, I owe it all to them. For as long as I can remember, I have always had an obsessive dislike for the real fur industry and how far it seems to reach. When I was busy creating, I decided that I would found Ferox with the firm basis of promoting cruelty-free animal fabrics; faux furs and faux animal prints.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when coming up with new designs?

Instead of ‘keeping up with trends’ I use my spare time checking out animals with beautiful and unusual patterns to influence my choice of fabrics. For example, I just came across the Clouded Leopard… that cat is a beaut!

Is there a particular reason behind hoods being the main staple of Ferox?

I’ve always seen them as an endlessly varied way to uniquely express myself and to display my love for animal faux fur in a fun way. I also think that hoods seem to tie in quite closely with a sense of rebellion in the eyes of society, and they give me a sense of rebelling against the norm in my own creative way J it also means I can fully experiment with faux fur, which I love!


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