Exposed: Rebekah Flower

Rebelicious Issue 1226


Interviewer: Toria Brightside
Photographer: Jamie Mahon


What inspired you to start modelling? My first shoot was back in 2010, I was approached to do a test shoot and thought, why not! I’d never been in front of a camera before, and after my first shoot I knew straight away it was something I wanted to pursue. I love being creative, and modelling the past few years has led me to working with so many talented photographers and designers!

Was it a natural progression into the more alternative side of things? Because I have tattoos and piercings, I guess I automatically fit the alternative modelling world. I’ve always considered myself as someone who doesn’t fit the ‘norm’ so to speak! I like to express my personality through my appearance, hence the vibrant hair and tattoos.

Has modelling inspired your appearance? Did you get any tattoos or consider their placement as a result of modelling? I always take pride in my appearance, but being a model inspires me to experiment more with my look. Saying that, I have got a lot more tattoos since I originally started modelling, and definitely plan to get more!

What advice would you give to girls considering getting a tattoo? It’s all about individuality. Definitely think about the style and design before getting tattooed, after all, it is there for life. I’ve always been inspired by tattooed models, and we now live in an era where tattoos are more acceptable.

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