Catalyst Latex

Rebelicious Issue 129

Model: Betty Havok
Photographer: Claire Seville
Wardrobe: Catalyst Latex

What sparked your interest in becoming a fashion designer and having latex as your main material? We’ve always had an interested in clothes and how things are made. A challenge was handed to our qualified tailoress by a friend to make a better latex kilt than the one they had and just fell in love with working with the material.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Things I would like to wear! From Pinup and retro styles for the girls and real everyday clothing for the men.

Can you tell us about any upcoming designs you’re currently working on?  We’ve got many top-secret projects on the go at the moment, which is great fun. We’re currently revamping and adding new styles to our popular HMS Minx pin-up sailor style range.

Are there any pieces that stand out as personal favorites? Where to start! The Pin-Up Pencil dress is a huge favourite and the V Dress, well any dresses really! But the garment that started us off has to be our main favourite… the nearly famous Catalyst Kilt.