Pale & Interesting: How To Get Flawless Porcelain Skin

The basis of many alt girls makeup centres on flawless skin, often very pale. But finding a pale foundation or base that doesn’t look like Halloween makeup can be difficult. Pale beauties have also had trouble finding the right alabaster shade foundation, however it seems that makeup brands are finally addressing this problem. We have tried and tested the best of pale foundations to help you create the perfect translucently pale base for any look you want to.

Starting with foundations that are incredibly pale, but don’t make you look like an extra from Casper the Friendly Ghost. MAC Cosmetics bought out their palest foundation yet this January in the form of Studio Fix Fluid and Powder in shade NW10. Previously, the palest shades were NW15 and NC15. For MAC newbies, NW caters for those with pink undertones (those prone to blushing), and NC is for more yellow toned skin. Lots of pale people found that even these shades were too dark for them, so NW10 was created! With buildable coverage and a fairly matte finish, this foundation in either fluid or powdered form is perfect for creating blemish free pale skin.

narsSimilarly Nars have thought of pretty pale ladies in their shade ‘Siberia’. Available in Sheer Glow or Sheer Matte formulas, this sheer yet extremely pale foundation can cater for those who want a matte or satin finish. Both are buildable so you can create photo-shopped skin; Sheer Matte is perfect for photography or video makeup, while Sheer Glow is a good summertime base giving a glowing finish.

If you have already found a foundation texture and finish that you love but the shade is just too dark, Illamasqua have created a Skin Base in ‘White’. Used alone it creates a paper white finish, which can be good for costume or theatrical makeup (true to Illamasqua’s nature!) however it can be a very useful tool for pale ladies. Adding a small amount to your favourite ‘too dark’ foundation it is instantly lightened. Its thin consistency means you can add as little or as much as you need to custom match your foundation to your skin. The Skin Base’s also come in other shades, including very pale pink or yellow toned shades so if you don’t want to mess about creating a shade, they have some very light options available.

Hopefully these foundations will help you to perfectly match your skin tone and find the pale foundation we are sure you’ve been searching for and help you to express your creativity from clothes to cosmetics!

Words: Jade Bailey-Dowling