Inside an Alt Girl’s Beauty Bag

Creativity is a huge part of any alt girl’s makeup regime. However mastering the basics are the basis of any great makeup look. Adding the colour, the glitter or the lashes gives you your unique look and is what makes you the alt beauties that you are, and that we love! Finding some failsafe products that you can use for any look is essential though. That’s why we have brought you some ‘hero’ products that we think no alt girls, no matter what subculture you are, should be without in your beauty bag!


1) Black Eyeliner. & lots of it! From sleek vintage cats eye flicks, to smudged grungy smoky eyes, a black eyeliner is an essential part of your makeup kit. However the choice of liquid, gel or pencil can be confusing so we’ll try and help you narrow down your options!

For a messier, smoky look try a soft kohl pencil that you can blend. Look out for pencils that come with a smudging tool on the end like Benefit’s BADgal waterproof eyeliner or Maybelline’s Eye Studio Master Smokey pencil.

If you are a fan of precision winged eyeliner you’re probably better to go for a liquid or gel eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner comes in various types, from thin flexible tips to thick stubborn points or felt-tip style pens; you may want to try different nibs. However, although the felt tip style ones are best for precision, they tend to dry out very quickly!

Finally, gel eyeliner is huge at the moment and we can see why! It gives you control and a jet black finish. Although it can practice to perfect your line, the end result is flawless! Try MAC Cosmetics Fluidline and their 209 brush, or Barry M’s Waterproof Gel Eyeliner that comes with applicator!


2) Perfect Foundation. Finding your prefect shade of foundation is really important. If you struggle to find your correct shade it is definitely worth visiting a makeup counter and asking them to colour match. Alternatively, go to your local drugstore (Boots or Superdrug) and test their foundations yourself. The best place to do so is on your chin, but make sure you go outside and look at what they have put on you before you buy it. This goes for both drugstore and high end brands. Natural light is the best way to ensure it is in fact your skin colour as the bright shop lights can be misleading. If you still struggle to find your colour, for example if you’re very pale you may want to read this (link to pale and interesting post).


3) ‘Feel Good’ Lip Colour. This doesn’t have to be red or nude! Find a colour that whenever you wear it, you instantly feel confident, sexy and most of all, yourself. Be it red, pink, green or black, whatever your ‘Feel Good’ or ‘Power’ colour is keep it in your makeup bag for a time that you need an instant boost, or need to go from day to night.


4) ‘Neutral’ Eye shadow palette. An eye shadow palette is an easy tool to create many looks. However don’t let the word ‘neutral’ put you off. All that means is that they are tones designed to create barely there to smoky eyed looks and everything in between. You’ve probably all heard of the ‘Naked’ palettes from Urban Decay, but there are several other eye shadow palettes that are just as good, such as the MUA ‘Undressed’ palette! TheBalm’s ‘Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette’ is really great and all the shadows are named after rock bands or songs, plus it’s not only an eye shadow palette, it has face and lip products too!


5) SPF. It is so important to protect your skin on a daily basis! Whether you use an SPF moisturiser, BB Cream, Foundation or Primer, make sure you fit SPF into your makeup routine. Most foundations and BB creams offer some sun protection, usually around SPF 15. But if you’re really pale, it’s really hot, or you plan to be in the sun a lot, it’s advisable to look for a higher SPF. MAC Cosmetic’s Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50 is lightweight and has such a high SPF it’s definitely worth getting!

So now you have the basics, let your creative juices flow!


Words: Jade Bailey-Dowling



What are YOUR essential beauty products that you can never leave the house without? Leave us a comment and tell us!