Exposed: Crypton Photography

Model: Cassie Rae Wardle
Photographer: Crypton Photography
Lighting Advice: Shawn Bishop
Studio: Scarlet Door
Styling: Shawn Bishop & Heather White.


What inspired you to become a photographer?

Well, for years now I liked to take photographs of landscapes, flowers and similar, then show them to people I spoke to across the internet. There was something about capturing my part of the world and showing it to them which I liked. Then I moved on to taking candid photographs of people out where I lived, doing nothing with them but having a folder dedicated to those images anyway.

So I started I followed alternative models online just to see their work because I was curious and watched a lot of America’s Next Top Model, as lame as it sounds. Just to see what they did and the tricks of the trade as it were. The main model I followed was Alice La vie (Miss Malice back then), but for about 3 – 4 months of my life I was cut away from the internet due to personal reasons and I had no idea what was going on in the industry. I didn’t start using Facebook again until I got a new camera for my birthday, and that sparked something inside of me.

The first thing I did was slip into old habits and see what models were up to. I saw Miss Malice had changed her name and her page so I followed Alice La Vie and quickly found out she was to do a studio day at Scarlet Door, in Bracknell. I told myself I had to go! Not to only meet her but also to take photographs of her, which kickstarted my career.



What inspires you and your work? I withdraw inspiration from everywhere. Objects, emotions, other people’s previous work. Whatever helps my concept become alive.

Are there any photographic styles that you haven’t tried yet, but would love to have a go at in the future? Where to start? I’ve not done photography using film yet which I think would be interesting!

What have been some of your favourite experiences since becoming a photographer? The outcome of my images after the hard work which goes into them. But also knowing the model is happy with the photographs too. I love the sense of enjoyment I get from making art.

Has anything strange/out of the ordinary happened during a photoshoot? Always expect the unexpected. I’ve been doing photography for a year now; nothing too wild has happened at one of my shoots. However, I was assisting a shoot with Shawn Bishop who was working with the lovely Efflectum. She was her own MUA and Hairstylist. Trying to create some volume to her hair and give it some height, she decided to use a Monster Energy drink can, place it on top of her head and wrap her hair over it and bobby pin it down. The most utterly bizarre thing I have seen, but yet 100% brilliant too! I take my hat off to her, so creative.

If you could do a shoot with anyone in the world, who would you pick and why them? Anyone? Oh wow. This is a tough choice. Really is. My initial answer was going to be Miss Overdose, however, after thinking I’d love to work with Steam punk queen Kato! Kato has such an interesting style and the whole steam punk culture really has me curious!



With so many trying their hand at being a photographer these days, how do you keep your style fresh and exciting? Mostly by doing research, finding out “What’s hot!” as it were and putting my twist on it. Working with unique people, not in personality but in looks too!

If you could be in charge of Rebelicious for a week, what would you do? I’d be over whelmed with the work that’s for sure. However, I’d add a spotlight feature. Hottest MUA/Model/photographer/designer/artist of that week according to the readers.

Finally is there anything that you would like to say to our readers? Thank you for reading my interview & to the lovely people who have helped me be where I am today. If you like my art please do head over to my facebook page and see more. I’ve got massive things planned, none of which I can share yet which is a shame!