Alt Fashion Trends

Let me tell you a story: when I started clubbing back in 2007 I was a total look-mess. I didn’t  even know what I was doing, what I was wearing and why. I couldn’t tell a traditional goth from an industrial goth, and a cyber goth from a raver. (ok these last two are still quite the same to me!). We used to have punk rockers as we do now, we had metal heads as we do now, but something has changed. In fact, many things have.


Goth, Cyber Goth, Deathrock and Punk. Photo credits: 1234

What truly amazes me is how trends have evolved in just 7 years. I am 26 and I started clubbing at 19/20: that’s when I started plunging into the alternative world, so that’s the time lapse I can talk about. When you think about alternative fashion you think about something relatively static, like gothic and punk. But we’ve seen it all and we’re seeing more. What happened in the last 10 years?

The internet happened. The internet is the cause of all the changes and the amazing speed things changed at.


This is what happens when you look for “goth” in Lookbook’s search bar. Wait, what? Photo credits: 12345

In the beginning was punk, and then alternative styles started to grow away from music and culture, and started growing from re-blogged pictures, Facebook fan pages and fashion editorials.

Try to open and look for “alternative fashion” in the search bar. Wow! Tattoos, mustaches, green mermaid hair, cute girls, satanic Barbies, Boy London, big sunglasses. We were not prepared for this: what is all this stuff? Where has all the old classic victorian Goth gone? Where are the mohawks? Where are the UV reactive Buffalo boots? Where is the vinyl?


Even Wikipedia doesn’t know what it’s talking about anymore. In the same list you can see Goth Fashion, Cyber Fashion, Emocore and Ero Kawaii (??). Skinny jeans have taken over tripp pants, long mermaid hair instead of short Siouxsie pixie haircuts, Lookbook over music message boards.

Good news is… every cloud has a silver lining. There has never been a period where it was easier to pick among styles, to get inspired by thousands of images, where people had more freedom in wearing whatever they felt like wearing. The truth is, it’s not that important to define one style, as long as you are comfortable with it. So come the pastel goth, the fairy kei, the boho chic, the new hipsters! We are going in this direction and there’s no turning back, ever. So we might as well get along with it.

What do you think about this? Do you miss the times where everyone wearing a black corset knew what Christian Death were? Or do you find it amazing that today styles spread so fast and get mixed up and generate new styles altogether?

This article was written by Elisa B, writer and editor at, freelance costume designer and gipsy inside.