Makeup Tutorial: Cut Crease


Follow these simple steps if you’re looking to create a neutral cut crease for your eyeshadow.

Step 1: Prepare your eye with your chosen primer. This will give your eyeshadow something to stick to and will help it last longer! It can also help brighten the colours. I use Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper, but if you don’t have a primer you can use a little bit of concealer!

Step 2: Take a white eye shadow and line under your natural eye brow. I use Sugarpill Cosmetics Tako. Then choose your base colour and apply that to the rest of your eye blending it into the white.

Step 3: Follow along the crease of your eye with a black liner pencil (this could also be done with black shadow, or liquid liner. It all depends on how deep you want the shade of black to be).

Step 4: Add Your chosen colours above the crease. You can choose multiple colours for a more dramatic and detailed look, I just chose copper and brown as i’m doing a more “neutral” look.

Step 5: Start to add the black eye shadow and thoroughly blend it into the colours you added in step 4.

Step 6: Finish off with adding lashes and liner, and your desired eyebrow shape.


Words & Photos: Vanity Venom