Style Icons: Margot Verger

Stuck in a fashion rut? The Rebelicious Style Icons series features an eclectic mix of alternative inspiration.

STYLE ICON: Margot Verger

If my social media presence is anything to go by, I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m obsessed with NBC’s Hannibal. In recent weeks, my outbursts regarding the show have frequently featured a particular pair of siblings – the Vergers, played to perfection by Michael Pitt and Katharine Isabelle, respectively.


Bryan Fuller’s interpretation of Margot Verger is quite the departure from the book version, especially from a visual standpoint. But there’s no denying that this Margot is a total style queen. She’s also a little more corporate-goth than I was expecting, with her demure tailored suits and jewel tones. Costume designer, Christopher Hargadon, delivers a strong image that communicates Margot’s identity: being the troubled sister of a sadist, she’s fighting to secure her own legacy against the odds, and her clothing seems to serve as armour.


As a former office worker, I remember how tricky it can be to preserve a sense of professionalism without sacrificing personal style, and this is why Margot’s fashion is noteworthy: her dapper darkness is a great jumping-off point for the alternative ladies out there in the 9-5. The rat race is so much more fun when you’re dressed to kill.

Words: Sam Handley