Issue 23 Editorial: My Purple Heart

Photographer’s Note*
“In the first look, the model is wearing an authentic Purple Heart medal from WWII which was passed down to me (the photographer) from my late Grandmother, who’s first husband died in the Navy during WWII. His ship was on the perimeter of the battle for Okinawa when a kamikaze pilot struck it, killing him instantly and sinking the ship.

Both looks were photographed on an authentic Battleship from that same war. Shooting at this location took quite a bit of negotiation on my part but eventually they allowed it because of the family/war history.”
Tristan Carkeet



Photographer: Tristan Carkeet
Model: Alicia Vigil
Hair Stylist: Tracy Nguyen
Makeup Artist: Irene Mar
Lighting Assistant: Lynn He
Clothing: Vintage
Photographer’s Facebook Page:
Model’s Facebook Page:

Location: Battleship IOWA

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