Style Icons: Jenny Humphrey

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STYLE ICON: Jenny Humphrey

Whenever I hear Taylor Momsen’s name these days, her current incarnation is usually the first thing that comes to mind: frontwoman of The Pretty Reckless, raising hell in black fishnets. I’ve got a confession, though – I have a soft spot for her sweeter side.


Due to its narrative shortcomings, Gossip Girl rates pretty high on my guilty pleasure list, but it never fails to make me believe I desperately need a shopping spree. Fashion was the series’ secret weapon in keeping a captive audience. Nearly two years since the finale, I continue to suffer a dire case of closet envy – even drooling over outfits that don’t strictly speak to my personal tastes. The dangerous magic of television. .


Still, there’s at least one character who I definitely feel a clothing kinship with, and that’s Jenny ‘Little J’ Humphrey (Momsen). Her wardrobe evolution was pretty significant, reflecting both her social standing and state of mind. Innocent minion; budding queen bee; outcast rogue… Jenny began by imitating her idol, Blair Waldorf, with bright-coloured tights and hair bows, but gradually, her aesthetic (and storyline) grew darker as she gained a more ruthless attitude. My favourite look of Jenny’s is a balance of her two extremes: a preppy base with grungy details.

Words: Sam Handley

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