Style Icons: Faith Lehane

STYLE ICON: Faith Lehane

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is everything to me – meaning, I’ve been obsessed with the show since season two first aired back in 1998. I was thirteen at the time (and now I feel ancient).


The series has quite a few sketchy fashion moments overall, though just as many good ones to balance things out. One character who rarely disappoints in the wardrobe department is Faith Lehane (Eliza Dushku) – the carefree Slayer who accidentally murders a human and begins her descent into evil. Faith is a fan-favourite character for many reasons: her friendship with Buffy which devolves into enmity, her morbid wit; her inner conflict as she eventually makes a bid for redemption. She’s the dark mirror of Buffy, not only in morality, but how she chooses to present herself.


Season three is my personal favourite for Faith’s aesthetic, especially since it’s offbeat from the very start. As much as I like goth-ish antagonists, the concept gets a little tired when used as a sudden visual cue (a lazy way to prove that someone’s turned into the bad guy). Faith’s look is sparse and simplistic when broken down into the key elements – she fled to Sunnydale with just a bag of essentials, and certain pieces show up a number of times. To get the vibe, work from a base of leather trousers, tank tops, sheer shirts and chunky boots. Add some eyeliner and a heavy dash of lipstick to channel your inner rogue.

Words: Sam Handley

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