Style Icons: Marla Singer

STYLE ICON: Marla Singer

I’ve never met a single person who isn’t a fan of Fight Club. Maybe I just need to broaden my social horizons, but I think it’s fair to say that the story resonates with those who belong to a jilted generation.


Chuck Palahniuk’s novel is very male-focused, due to its exploration of the masculine identity. As a result, there are only two prominent female characters, whittled down to just one for the movie adaptation. That last woman standing is Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter). Fifteen years since the cinematic release, she retains her place in popular culture, lurking in the background like the brazen ‘tourist’ she is. She isn’t the most stellar of role models, but her influence does tend to stick.


Marla’s seems to be a mess of haphazard style, but each element is still carefully chosen and thus, iconic. Black fur coat; pink chiffon bridesmaid’s gown; blue sequin dress; dark sunglasses. Because she gives an illusion of indifference, a Marla-inspired wardrobe isn’t too difficult to throw together. A few of the garments seen onscreen were specially made for the purpose, but many others were pulled from thrift stores and altered or distressed to create the desired effect. Mix it up, tease your hair, and strut like you don’t give a damn. Try not to walk into oncoming traffic, though.

Words: Sam Handley

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