Style Icons: Sylvia Weis

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STYLE ICON: Sylvia Weis

In a dystopian future, what would we wear?


According to In Time, we’d all be sporting what looks like haute couture, no matter our status. The 2011 sci-fi thriller paints a picture of a world with an unusual currency. People are born with a digital clock on their arm, they automatically stop aging at 25, and the clock then begins counting down from one year. This represents how much time they have left to live. Money has been abolished, and time can be exchanged for goods and services, or vice-versa. The time-rich are essentially immortal, hoarding all the years available, while the time-poor suffer. Regardless of this divide, everyone is impeccably dressed. Why? I’m not sure. Perhaps fashion – even high fashion – isn’t worth as much as it is in today’s reality.


The movie’s director is Andrew Niccol, who also gave us 1997’s Gattaca, and this is a similarly stylish vision – the focal point being Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried), the daughter of a time-loaning businessman who tries to escape her gilded cage with framed fugitive Will (Justin Timberlake). Her silhouette is somewhat architectural: sleek, demure dresses; skyscraper heels, and statement accessories which neatly obscure the telltale clock. Remember to learn to run in those 4-inch stilettos (I won’t be held responsible for any subsequent injuries).

Words: Sam Handley

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