Kreepsville 666: Top 10 Picks

With Halloween nearing ever closer, the original scare wear fashion company Kreepsville 666 are one of our ‘go-to’ brands for all things ghoulish and spooky. If you’re looking for zombie inspired, eyeball popping, skull dropping products, they’ve got your covered! Here are our current top 10 favourite items in no particular order…


1. Purple Skeleton Tunic Dress, $35
Main Feature: Skelebone print on the front, Kreepsville logo on the back. Looks great with large, bold jewellery pieces.

Purple Skeleton Tunic Dress


2. Skeleton Hand Alice Band Black/ White, $7.95
Main Feature: an extra large skeleton hand with teeth on the band for an extra hold.

Skeleton Hand Alice Band Black: White


3. Skull Collection Necklace Blue Glow, $26
Main Feature: The whole necklace glows in the dark!

Skull Collection Necklace Blue Glow

4. Back in Black Glow Ribcage Tee, $22
Main Feature: The front and back print glow in the dark. A great way of staying visible at a Halloween night (unless you’re trying to hide from zombies, crazy creatures or the like…)

Back in Black Glow Ribcage Tee front1 Back in Black Glow Ribcage Tee back









5. Horror Cadet T-Shirt, $22
Main Feature: ‘In Horror We Trust’ screen print on the back to show your appreciation of all things horror!

Horror Cadet T-Shirt


6. Toxic Toons Hairbow Purple Zombie, $9.95
Main Feature: A rubber purple toontastic, gruesome zombie head centrepiece.

kreepsville 666 Toxic Toons Hairbow Purple Zombie

7. Charcoal Ribcage Back Pack, $38
Main Feature: Charcoal ribcage print with multiple pockets. Perfect for carrying spare supplies should you find yourself in a deserted mansion, farm area, asylum…or something…

Charcoal Ribcage Back Pack

8. Mars Attacks Bone Blast Dress, $35
Main Feature: Mars Attacks death ray incinerated look (without the smell of burning flesh!)

Mars Attacks Bone Blast Dress


9. Alice Band Eyeball Splatter Blue, $7.95
Main Feature: A blue eyeball charm surrounded by blood splatter. Think ‘Dexter‘ meets scare wear.Alice Band Eyeball Splatter Blue

10. Zombie Baseball Hat, $25
Main Feature: A zombie bite peak and brain print. Show off your inner zombie with this badass hat!Zombie Baseball Hat

All of these products and lots more are currently available to purchase from Go and get your spook on!

Seen any Halloween inspired products that you love? Let us know in the comments below!