Style Icons: Nancy Downs

STYLE ICON: Nancy Downs

I’d like to say that The Craft was a formative influence on my style – unfortunately I was a dorky (albeit wannabe spooky) eleven-year-old when the movie was released. My pre-teen wardrobe actually included lime-green velour, hence I’m eternally grateful I grew up before the age of Instagram.


Set against a high school backdrop, The Craft tells the story of Sarah (Robin Tunney), who finds herself a questionable group of friends after she moves to Los Angeles. Nancy (Fairuza Balk), Bonnie (Neve Campbell) and Rochelle (Rachel True) are three young witches whose intentions don’t seem to be malicious. When Sarah joins their coven, however, things start to change (and spiral out of control).


The girls have their own uniform of sorts, dressing alike as time goes on, but Nancy, leader of the pack, is the standout: her outfits get shinier, darker and more outlandish, tinged by her lust for power. She fully embraces her place on the fringe (“We are the weirdos, mister,”) and eventually ends up at a party in stereotypical witch regalia – bell sleeves and hobnail boots. For this week’s inspiration, I boiled her look down to the goth-grunge vibe that colours the film as a whole: add patent leather as needed.

Words: Sam Handley

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