Issue 38 Out Now!


Our last issue of 2015 is out now!


Photography: Foto Door Photography
Model: Heidi Lavon

Yummy Gummy Latex, Motel Rocks, Grace Neutral, Megan Davies, Lara Blevi, Joyce Grobler – JD Makeup, Kayla Pretorius, Josh Myburgh, That Shoe Lady, Foto Door Photography, Willow Marie, Ngan Savage, Terra Ryzer, Stormy Sees, Angie Walls, Anna Rose, Jamie O’Neill, Jellyfish Jones, Dolores Pearl, Julie Rusk, No Regrets Photography, Mida Urquides, Morgan Panter, Wonderland Corsets, Daniela Yordanova, Ariana Rodriguez, Jeremiah Gilbert Photography, Jacqueline Jarboe, Kumia Mua Lee, Yellow Bubbles Photography, Shelli Anpan, Spoiled Cherry, Mercurious Designs, Insomnia Cosmetics, Tragic Glamour Photography, Taylor Brunne, YRU Shoes, Stacy M, Dollhouse Photography, Frollein Sue, Michael Kirton, VERAXcreative, Tayy First, Julia Cabanillas, Bubz Medina